Tech: Where Black is the New Black

What fun stuff can you do when the flu forces you to stay home from work? What possible trouble can you get into when you’re stuffy, nauseated and living in your bathroom? I have an idea, why don’t I stop watching Jerry Springer, look around my home and fix the crap that’s driving me crazy!

Let’s start with all of my fashionable tech. These days, most tech is designed to make my messy home office look more professional. Therefore, every piece of equipment is sleek, curved and stylishly black. That also means that every button, every cable port, and every raised description is drowning in a sea of black.

I have concluded that tech is apparently designed for offices that have spectacular bright lighting and staff members with very young eyes. I have old eyes. In fact, I’ve had them from that day at the dinner table when Dr. Weisskopf noticed my three-year-old face in my mashed potatoes and told my parents I needed glasses.

At this point you’re asking yourself, why I would be worried about my work tech, when I am stranded in my bedroom recliner, wondering why there are so many baby mamas on Maury who needed DNA testing on their kids?

Well, I started to turn up my air purifier to the max and realized my eyes were so watery I could not see the raised black settings buried by the stylish black color. My fight with Texas pollen had recently driven me to buy a bigger unit. It was on sale. And now my frugality had betrayed me.
Once I put in some eye drops and cleaned my glasses, I moved the dial to fast. Then, I sat there brooding and blowing my nose.

As luck would have it, I had recently moved out of my comfort zone and bought colored labels for my trusty Brother label maker. I was sick, I was upset – but it was on.

Once the task was finished, I had some hot tea and honey and put up my feet. I glared back at my home office. I will be back on my feet soon, label maker in hand to make my tech a lot less stylish.

Rant Challenge: Isn’t it time for some savvy entrepreneur to make tech with senior-friendly buttons? Your fortune awaits.

Staying Vertical!

by Marsha Wilson Rappaport

Join us on this new adventure!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you refused to eat broccoli? If you are a baby boomer, you remember your parents telling you: “It’s all in your head – eat it or get punished!”

As I grew older, I knew that most of my aches and pains were real. However, some of my decisions to withdraw from things that used to be fun, really were “all in my head”.

According to Mental Health America, depression is prevalent among senior citizens:

More than two million of the 34 million Americans age 65 and older suffer from some form of depression.[2]

Comprising only 13% of the U.S. population, individuals aged 65 and older account for 20% of all suicide deaths, with white males being particularly vulnerable. [2]


This project isn’t medical. If you are clinically depressed, then you should seek medical help.

However, this little project It is designed to make small suggestions that will simply cheer us up and take some of the worry out of our lives as we age.

What We Intend to Do:

Tackle the Eating Out Issue: As much as we all know that eating and cooking healthy meals is critical to good health -sometimes you just want to eat out and NOT stress out. Let’s face it, it the 24/7 news cycle was right, then even a diet of pure water will kill you eventually.

We’re going to track down healthy eating options on Galveston Island. If that sounds simple – think again. Galveston Island is a major tourist destination – everything is designed for fun!

Tackle the Entertainment Issue:

Would we all like to go to a rock concert and stand for hours in the rain again? Of course. Can we do that now? Not a chance! 

I am going to seek out safe fun at a host of entertainment venues. For example, I will find ways to enjoy an amusement park knowing that a ride that drops me 100 feet from a crane is not a good idea when I have high blood pressure. On the other hand, a Ferris Wheel would be great. I just need a safe way to keep my glasses on so I can actually enjoy the views.

Keeping It REAL!!

How far is the parking? Is there a drop off zone? Are there elevators? Are there handicapped ramps? If it is an attraction, are there lots of benches around to take a break?

We Are Going to Try to Make this Fun

I am a writer, not a movie maker. BUT I have an iPhone, and some other cool tech. You’ll see photos. Videos and audio on our twin website at: and YouTube.  We are going to interview our neighbors and friends about their journey while we play. Get ready for some local celebrity surprises!!!

Everything will be senior friendly with big text that I can read!!

Join us on this journey.

We are going to have some fun.